Notable Land Records

The Plymouth County Registry of Deeds is a treasury of documents relating to famous people, buildings and places. This exhibit will be a changing panorama of these notable land records in Plymouth County. Each land record is displayed along with a short description as to why it is a notable land record. Located in our entrance corridor this display reflects the unique character and history of Plymouth County through our collection of recorded land documents. This in-house exhibit is a set of eight revolving records.

In addition, on this web page, each group of fifty Notable Land Records will be identified as a seperate Electronic Book.

Our goal is to display a new notable land record and its description on a monthly basis brought forward by our committee members, employees, title examiners, and members of the public. If you would like to participate, please respond by choosing ”General Comments” from the side bar on our website.

Click on the following Electronic Volumes to view our Notable Land Records:

I want to thank the members of the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds Display Committee for their assistance in setting this project into motion. Anthony Markella, Chairman, Paul Garvin, Karin Goldstein and Marilyn Dupuis have all been great advocates for the public display of our notable records. I want to also thank John Zigouras, Lorna Green-Baker, and Christine Richards for their valuable assistance in the preparation of this display. In addition, each description contains the name of the person who “Brought Forward” that Notable Land Record and who deserve special thanks for their help in promoting the history of Plymouth County.

The people, places and buildings of Plymouth County are an important part of why Plymouth County is such a special place.

John R. Buckley, Jr
Plymouth County Register of Deeds

Last updated: 9-10-2010

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