Records Inventory

Records Inventory

Images Available Online:

  • Grantor and Grantee linked indexes from August 6, 1686 to current (back indexing ongoing)
  • Record Books from Book 1(1686) to present
  • Searchable Names in scanned Grantor and Grantee books back to 1685
  • Linked Plan Index from 1890 to present
  • Plan Images from Plan Book 1 to present
  • State Highway, County Taking, Railroad, County State Highway and County Commission Highway Plans (images only click here for search codes, index not yet available)
  • Plymouth Colony Deeds Records from 1620-1685 (images only, index available in pages at end of each book) Click Here for the Mayers' Index to Plymouth Colony Land Deeds
  • Land Court/ Registered Land Grantor/Grantee indexes from 1899 to present
  • All Land Court Documents from Document number 1(1899) to present are available to view
  • Land Court Certificate information or image
  • Trust, Vote, Name Change, Merger Indexes (Land Court/Registered Land)
  • Mayers' Index to Plymouth Colony Land Deeds

Information that is available online is also available via Public Access stations at our three locations.

The following is available at our Plymouth location:

  • Grantor and Grantee (Recorded Land) Printed Index Volumes from 1685 to present
  • Tax Liens from 1981 through 2005.  All other Tax Liens are available via the Grantor Indexes
  • Record Books 1 through 34758
  • Plan Books 1 through 10; Books 11-present are stored in our Brockton Office
  • Plan Index Books from 1899 to 1974
  • County Commissioners Highway, County Taking and Railroad Books
  • Land Court Documents from 1 to present
  • Land Court Canceled and Current Certificate Books
  • Plymouth County Court Orders from 1633-1691 (to be added - available through Customer service in the Plymouth Office)
  • Special Collections at the Plymouth location:
    • Latham Collection
    • 1879 Plymouth County Atlas
    • 1895 Hull Atlas
    • 1903 Plymouth County Atlas
    • 1911 Hingham Atlas
    • Harbor Plans

All Registry records are backed up on multiple media and stored in safe off-site locations.