Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule Registered (Land Court) and Unregistered as of December 31, 2019

Foreclosure Deed with Affidavit$155
Declaration of Trust$255
Recording Decree in Land Court$130
Registered Land Decree, Plan, and Notice of DisposalCall Dept.
Declaration of Homestead$35
Betterment Assessments (Land Court)$105+
+$5 for each additional affected Certificate 
Municipal Lien Certificate$80
Plans per sheet$105
UCC Financing Statement, Amendment or Continuation. Assignment, Termination or Partial Release Statement$75+
+$20 additional fee for each debtor over 2 debtors 
All Other Recordings$105
**Postage and Handling Fee for ALL Unregistered Land**$2 per instrument*
**Postage and Handling Fee for ALL Registered Land & Electronic Recordings**$1 per instrument*

*As of July 1, 2008

Imprinting duplicate copies (supplied by customer) at the time of recording, $1.00 per instrument.

Creating Certified copies of instruments at counter at time of recording $1.00 per page.

Deeds Excise Tax

An Excise Tax of $4.56 for each $1,000.00 consideration stated on a deed or easement must be paid at the time of recording. For example, a deed of real estate for $150,000 requires excise tax in the amount of $684.00 along with the recording fee. There is no excise tax due where the consideration stated is $100.00 or less.

Community Preservation Act

There is a surcharge fee on all documents recorded under Chapter 44B, Section 8, with the exception of Declaration of Homesteads. See Legislation Acts of 2000, Chapter 267, which amended Chapter 262, Sections 38 and 39. This legislation passed on December 13, 2000. This Surcharge is included in the Fees listed above.

Multifunctional Documents

“A document that accomplishes more than one function shall be treated as a multiple document. A separate recording fee will be charged and index entry made for each separate function accomplished by the document.”

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