Sales Volume, New Foreclosures Trend Upward In April Recordings

The Register’s Report, our monthly newsletter on real estate activity at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds is now available for the month of April, 2011. Our numbers for deeds recorded have been increasing slightly from February through April, although the volume continues to demonstrate that the Plymouth County real estate market is still in the doldrums.

Of particular concern is the increase we are seeing in foreclosure notices–a filing that is often a step towards ultimate foreclosure by the lender on someone’s home. As mentioned in our past blogs and newsletters, this trend back to a higher level of foreclosures has been expected by many, in responce to the national lenders having worked out their problems regarding robo-signing of documents and the filing of missing assignments, therefore re-establing their right to foreclose.

Our report also has a community by community lisiting of foreclosure deeds and foreclosure notices.

Please click on the Register’s Monthly Report on our home page to see April’s statistics as well as any other previous month for comparison.