Registry Celebrates Green Accomplishments

Today, April 1st, is noteworthy for a variety of reasons.

By now, some people would have had an April Fool’s Day trick played on them.  Many people in Red Sox Nation are looking forward to this afternoon’s first regular season game of the Boston Red Sox which is, lucky for them, being played in Texas.

It is also a noteworthy day in the Registry’s three offices –in Plymouth, Brockton and Rockland.  We are recognizing the accomplishments of our Green Building Committee’s Second Annual “Holiday Season Cleanout” with a special green dress down day , to thank Registry employees and the many others who brought in paper recyclables to our Paper Retrieval bin from the holidays.

This project, as of last count for this year alone, has generated 3.19 Tons of recycled paper– saving 9.57 yards of landfill and 13,085.38 KWH (kilowatt hours) of energy saved.  This initiative brought forward and sustained by our employees also includes paper recycled by the Commissioners’ office and the Treasurer’s office. 

Through the recycling of paper, we have reduced our waste stream by 75% which will result in cost savings  in waste removal.

Our Green Building Committee is working with the County Maintenance Department on additional initatives.