Registry’s Green Committee Efforts Produce Savings In Electrical Costs

A recent evaluation of the results of our Green Committee’s Policy Goal #2  ”to reduce lighting and electrical use” in or main office in Plymouth shows measurable results.  Over the first five months of 2011, the Registry of Deeds saw a 33% reduction in kilowatt hours (KWH) of electricity.

Committee members worked together with our department heads, fellow employees and our maintenance staff to improve technology and to monitor the shut-down of equipment at the end of each day.

Special thanks go to committee members John Zigouras, Chair, Barbara Bardon, Gina Clark, Chris Grasso, Beth Sheibley-Goldrosen, Greg White and Susan Wood for their efforts in promoting a greener work-place. The county’s Maintenance Department, including Department Head Doug Wedge and our on-site staff Mike Wholey  and Ed Walsh all played an important role in this accomplishment.

This cooperative effort saved $3000 in electricity costs as compared to the same time period last year!

Thanks again to all involved!