Refinace Activity Remains High: Sales In Typical Winter Decline

The month of January brought a significant amount of snow–school closings and delayed openings to many businesses, and to the Registry’s operations on several occasions.  What was expected, however, was that real estate activity in Plymouth County entered the doldrums as shown in “The Registers Report” for January, 2011. 

Our normal slowdown in recordings did have several bright spots.  The number of January mortgages, based on continuing low interest rates, exceeded mortgage filings for January, 2010 by 34%.  In addition, for a variety of reasons, including, we suspect, the recent Massachusetts Supreme Judical Court’s Ibanez decision, the number of foreclosure deeds and foreclosure notices filed in Plymouth County as compared with January, 2010 dropped 50% and 76% respectively.

Please refer to the January version of the Monthly Register’s Report for January 2011 for more detailed information and a community by community report of foreclosure deeds and notices.