Plymouth County Real Estate Market Closing Strong

With one month to go in 2012, the Plymouth County real estate market is coming to a strong close. Sales are up 16% and recorded mortgages are up 34% through the end of November, 2012 begin with what was termed by many an “early spring market” and in comparison with 2011 has been stronger each month than last year. We have recorded 128,619 recorded land and land court instruments though November 30th. In all of 2011, we recorded 119,394 instruments.

Foreclosure filings have dwindled from earlier in the year high volumes. Foreclosure deeds through the end of November are 4% less than 2011 year to date and foreclosure notices are down 1% for the same period.

So far in this year real estate sales volume amounts to $300 million in additional commerce. For the full November 2012 report Click Here.