End of First Quarter of 2015 Brings Mixed Results

The end of the first quarter in 2015 brought with it mixed messages in terms of recording data along with some very serious challenges in Registry of Deeds operations. Our newsletters for January, February and March show that despite a really tough winter for real estate activity our office continued to record and process thousands of documents.

Through the first three months of 2015, our staff recorded 1,484 deeds and 4,596 mortgages along with a variety of other land record recordings. During that time period, there was a 2% decrease in sales volume, a 49% increase in mortgage volume, a 4% increase in foreclosure deeds and a 36% increase in foreclosure notices as compared to last year at this time. Please see the links provided for the January, February and March reports for greater detail.

The end of our first quarter also brought a tremendous reduction in our staffing due to Plymouth County's ongoing budget problems. On that day we saw the elimination of 19 positions and 15 employees. This is a 38% reduction in staff! We will be experiencing many challenges going forward. We ask for your patience going forward until we can refill those positions.Thank you.