A Half Century of Hard Work Deserves Recognition

Over this past week, we lost our longest serving registry employee to retirement. Vija Berzins of our Land Court Department retired after 52 years as an employee of the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. Vija emigrated to the United States with her family from Latvia when she was a young girl. Two days after her graduation from high school, she began working for the registry, at our former building on Russell Street in Downtown Plymouth.

Vija served under four different Registers of Deeds.  Since arriving in the United States, she has lived in Duxbury. Vija will be remembered for her work ethic, her loyalty to her co-workers, friends and family, and above all else, her great sense of humor.

Vija’s years of service were recognized by her co-workers on her last day of work, Monday, February 28, 2011; first at the Registry of Deeds, and later that evening at dinner in a downtown Plymouth restaurant.  For pictures of Vija’s retirement, please click on Photo Gallery.

Laimigs Gadijums, Vija, from all your friends at the Registry!