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First Half 2012 Brings Positive Results in Plymouth County Real Estate

June recordings continued a strong six-month stretch for recordings of both deeds and mortgages at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. The 847 deeds recorded in June were the highest number of sales in two years. Mortgage recordings were also up significantly in the first half of 2012.

May Recordings Show Strong Five Month Trend

In our report on real estate activity for the month of May, you can see a very strong beginning to 2012.  We saw 807 deeds recorded, which brought deeds recorded for 2012 up to 3012–a 19% increase over the first five months of 2011.

In addition, we saw mortgage recordings continue to increase year-to-date over 2011mortgage recordings. The 2446 mortgages recorded in May resulted in a 34% increase in mortgages recorded as compered to the same time period for 2011.

April Recordings Show Continued Improvement in Housing

The April 2012 recording numbers at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds show continued gradual improvement in the Plymouth County housing market. Positive trends, particularly in the areas of property sales and mortgage refinancing over the first four months of 2012 have continued.

Plymouth and South Shore Realtors Host Registry Presentation

Last week, we were happy to be part of a Plymouth and South Shore Association of Realtors (PASS) membership meeting at their headquarters in Pembroke, on the topic of “How to Navigate the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds”. Our presentation included an Introduction to Registry Resources and a presentation by Information Systems Department Head, Christine Richards, on conducting on-line research.

Groundbreaking for Rocky Marciano Statue

Over the past weekend, a groundbreaking ceremony was held on the grounds of Brockton High School for a statue commemorating Rocky Marciano. The World Boxing Council has commissioned the statue, to be located near the Forest Avenue entrance to Brockton High School, across from the Little Red Schoolhouse.

February Recordings Show Signs Of Early Spring Market

Our report on real estate activity in Plymouth County for February is available. What many realtors have been calling the emergence of an early “Spring Market” has certainly been demonstrated by our recording activity over the month of February. There were 531 deeds recorded in February, 2012 compared to 401 deeds recorded in February, 2011, a 32% increase.

New Year Begins In Typical Fashion At Registry

January and February are traditionally our slowest months in terms of documents recorded at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. Both the number of deeds and mortgages recorded drop off every year from the end of the calendar year boost of recordings in December.

Bridgewater’s Tory House Added to Notable Land Record Collection

On the north side of the Bridgewater Town Common is a historical home which caught the attention of Lorna Green-Baker, one of our employees. The “Tory House” as it is commonly identified has an interesting multi-century history. Built in 1698, it was the home of a Tory sympathizer who was forced to leave town during the Revolutionary War Period.

Registry’s December and Year End Numbers Are In

Our December numbers were strong with 669 deeds recorded in December, 2011 as compared to 624 deeds recorded in December, 2010. December also brought the second highest number of mortgages recorded (2373) in 2011. These results contributed to our recent Register’s Report explaining that we had a stronger second half of 2011 in terms of sales than the first half of the year.

Paragon Park Added To “Notable Land Records Collection”

Paragon Park, an amusement park located on Hull’s Nantasket Beach, is a new addition to the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds “Notable Land Records Collection”.  Opened in 1905, Paragon Park provided  family entertainment for generations.  The park was home to the world’s tallest roller coaster, the Congo Cruise, the Wild Mouse, and many other thrilling rides.

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